As the future breaks apart and the past loses itself in emotions comes the time when your movements, your desires, your willingness and your self-awareness get captured in these peculiar chains that drag you up to the Daydreaming Avenue.

Night birds die young, hanging on the wire
Lies come out of the softest mouths
Whispering to the simple-minded ears
« Pull the blanket higher up your cheeks »

Sweet coal gives them shivers
Cause as the time comes
When butterflies start to mine it
They’ve got the keys and chains
That they barely touched in this dream
Where everyone’s motionless

You saw the magpie
Saw the magpie
You saw the magpie
Saw the magpie

Saw the magpie and let it burst
Speak into the megaphone
Let it burst
Write for the deaf ones
Let it burst
Go paint on the black clouds
Let it burst
Say what you have found
Let it burst
Glasses for everyone
Let it burst
Scream your lungs out
Let it burst
Life as an essence
Let it burst
Is no longer a test-tube thing

Lie Down

Run away, don’t stop,
Is this really what you call bold ?
Thinking you could break in like that
And take a taxi to get back home ?
We will follow the tracks
And let the dogs out for your backbone
Raise your hands we’ll find you anyway,

Now you’re alone

So lie down,
Take the mouse hole, I’m the kitten
I am enjoying it already, you living is fake delusion
We are taking bets for how long your death will take, so make it quick
Your head to me is ten dollars worth, and it’s worth a kill
We’re coming for you now, we can see through walls
Fingers on triggers, eyes on air-drone control
If you get out of here alive, you should know
No one ever really escapes from the belligerence.

Your fingers taste like you put them in the toaster
Sit in peace and sleep on your life shrine
Fear the night-time, roads, borders, round corners, flashes, marks, signs
Eat the grass and crack a nice smile
Raise your glass for Mister Fed Swine, swine
And shut your fat flippin’ loud mouth and keep your eyes closed
Circles, lines and circles, lines and circles, lines and circles, lines and circles
Black nails ain’t the upper crust
Pack your thoughts, hide them all
In a cage offshore
Better to kill your neighbourhood
Than talk

Secret thumping in your head
Secret versus voices saying :
“Who cares if you do your best ?
They’ve got a thousand others left
Right here just in case you fall
Hundreds waiting for the toll
To ring when someone calls for them
Till they taste the bitterness
You’re a number and a bank account, your head’s got a price on it
Play dead, fake pleasure, don’t scream, eat your pedigree
You win a fight, then get up up among the clouds
But then the rain falls down and wings wither again, inside. »

I don’t want nobody to tell me that
Soul is the matter
Cause the soul is what enslaves you
And it leaves you with puddles of the water
That’s bleeding out from your dirty eyes

I don’t want nobody to tell me that
Soul is the matter
Cause the soul is what is made so you can
Shut your sweet mouth forever
God accepts credit cards

Mass manipulation, we thought it ended
We thought the vision we’re benefiting from
Is our own, not television’s
I’m not tellin’ visions ’cause there’s no reason
Not till it’s obvious enough that it only comes from observations
And self-reflection
So give your brain a second
We only take lessons from the past and trust our ancients but
Don’t tell me you can’t envision
It’s just been too long, you belong to newspapers and fake religion mongers 
Free your mind, have faith in God if that’s your way about it
But don’t trust people who read the Bible for you, for money
Today, they’re so up to speed, you might hear them say

God accepts credit cards

Watch your pockets being
Sacrificed again
At the speed of a bright laser
Right on time for
Sunday, god’s more
Active if you got papers
We’re being taken for the pawns of a bad game
Paying taxes on holy wafers
And later, we’re
Thrown again in this
Funny game they built
We’re never the game master

The rules are
If you think you won
Then they know they did
Pick you up among
Everybody here
If you hunker down
Trying to resist
Believe it or not
You’re already in
I mean you belong
To the fugitives
To the ones who can’t
Reveal anything
Wanting to denounce
God accepts credit cards

Can you hear me ?
Am I mute or are they all deaf ?
Gotta tell the world it’s ending
Now it tumbles under itself
And things drop
Down, down, low

I am out of this
They’re all crazy men
Watch them dancing
Dead bodies walking

All my fears in a vision
Lost machines beginning to pop them pills
Take enough to stifle tears for the weekend
Hope is real
There’s an option still
But it’s been a hundred years sitting
We should kill but can’t hold a gun
Hold a flaming stick
Blow a man up
We are blatantly unaware
No apologies
Lords scare and lords are buying trees

I am out of this
They’re all crazy men
Watch them dancing
Dead bodies walking

Ease moans by killing the crying ones
Please don’t be dreaming on peak hours
Blink once and stay in motion
Sit down and take the potion
Reach for the perfect way of life
Feed cows, put meat in their mouths
Beat down the feelings and clouds
Seek for appeal and then drown
Ease moans by killing the crying ones

Visuels par Enzo Bel, mise en page et direction esthétique par Théophile Aschehoug.